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WDX | fintech | Wealth Dynamix | Indosuez

Indosuez acquisisce una partecipazione di maggioranza in fintech Wealth Dynamix

Indosuez Wealth Management acquisisce una partecipazione di maggioranza in Wealth Dynamix, fintech specializzata nella gestione delle relazioni con i clienti per gli operatori del private banking.

2023 | auguri | anno nuovo | onde | blu | Indosuez

I migliori auguri per il 2023!

bleu | océan | mer | marine | eau | récif

Indosuez Blue Cycle, une solution d’investissement à composante solidaire

Olivier Carcy | Olivier Chatain | Marc-André Poirier | Indosuez | Wealth Management

Indosuez Wealth Management announces appointments to its Management Committee

Staff | employees | team | gender equality | diversity | Indosuez | video | portrayal

Diversity within Indosuez, our teams speak all about it!


Osservatori privilegiati del mercato del Wealth Management, i nostri esperti condividono le proprie competenze e convinzioni.

Europa | UE | stelle | giallo | blu | Euro | download

Non ci sarà nessun "atterraggio" nel 2023?

Nicolas Gazin | Indosuez | Mercati azionari | Globali | Puzzle | Outlook

Prospettive di investimento: cosa riserva il 2023 ai mercati azionari globali?

ice | water | sky | blue | white | snow | clouds | glaciers | environment

Could globalisation save the climate?

faro | luci | notte | roccia | mare | stelle | strada | download

Cosa è cambiato nel 2022?

Globale | Rompicapo | Mondo | Globo | Blu | Scarica

La fine della globalizzazione?

Money | wages | US Dollars | United States | USA | wood

What to think about US wage growth?

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17.01.23 - 05:00

🏗️The Chinese real estate crisis is mainly affecting cement & steel, whereas copper & aluminium seem to be much less exposed. Indosuez experts explain the advantages...

metals | copper | iron | aluminium | construction
22.12.22 - 01:50

Entrepreneurs: How to protect yourselves and your close ones on the long run by anticipating and choosing the appropriate investment vehicles? A closer look with @Christelle Sauvage, #I...

06.12.22 - 12:22

📝"We are witnessing a real turning point with individual #investors turning to #privatemarkets." Nicolas Renauld from #Indosuez comes back on the #PrivateEquity boom in #Switzerland

28.11.22 - 06:05

In the #US, the correction in home sales in October released last week was more modest than expected. Durable manufacturing goods orders also surprised with a 1% spike (MoM) in October...

21.11.22 - 04:05

[#Savethedate] Our Asia CEO Omar Shokur will participate in the opening panel discussion of the upcoming Asian Private Banker Summit to discuss the strategy in the current context...

17.10.22 - 05:09

Core #inflation is an indicator that excludes items such as food and energy that are subject to outside influences which are not necessarily tied to inflation as that may lead to high v...

inflation | blue | us | number