This section contains the main information documents provided for by the rules on the transparency of banking and financial transactions and services (Supervisory Regulations of 29 July 2009 “Transparency of banking and financial transactions and services. Correctness of relationships between intermediaries and customers”). The regulations do not apply to the investment services and activities defined by the TUF [Consolidated Finance Act].

The guides contain clear information on current account contracts and on home loans:

> Practical guide to current accounts
> Practical guide to home loans in simple words
> Central Risk Guide

Information sheets, these contain information on the Bank and on the conditions and characteristics of the services offered:

> Information Sheet Current Account Italy
> Information Sheet Cash Account
> Information Sheet Securities Deposit
> Information Sheet Credit Facility
> Information Sheet Guarantee
> Information Sheet Collateral
> Information Sheet Mortgage Facility
> Information Sheet Mortgage Loan Natural Persons
> Information Sheet Mortgage Loan Legal Entities
> Information Sheet Credit Card Nexi
> Information Sheet Credit Card Nexi Black
> Information Sheet Term Deposit​​​​​​​
> Information  general real estate credit to consumers

Average overall effective rate survey for the purposes of usury law:

> AOER survey [IT]

Investor education: 

>Investor Education 



For any claims, the customer can contact the Operational Services Manager of the Bank at:

CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe), Italy Branch
Piazza Cavour, 2 – 10121 Milano
Tel. +39 02 722061

and, where the requirements are met, alternative dispute resolution organisations specifically established and indicated below, in accordance with the arrangements laid down in the relevant regulations.

The claim - to be sent in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by telematic means to the addresses indicated above - must clearly identify the applicant’s details, the grounds of the claim and the Customer’s signature, even when submitted by a representative.

For claims related to banking and investment services and/or activities, the Bank undertakes to deal with requests within 60 days from the date of their receipt. The Bank must answer at the latest within 15 working days from the receipt of the claim, if the claim relates to the provision of payment services, exemption made, under exceptional circumstances and in compliance with the regulations, for the possible postponement of the deadline, which shall be established with a specific communication from the Bank and, in any case, shall not exceed 35 (thirty-five) working days.

If the Bank receives a claim, it shall indicate in its reply the time required to deal with it.

If the Customer is not satisfied, or has not received a response in relation to the provision of banking and financial services, before contacting a judge, the Customer can contact:


With reference to the provision of investment services and activities the Customer may instead contact:


The main reference documentation is provided below:

> Conciliation regulations
> Mediation regulations
> Practical guide to Financial Banking Arbitration
> Practical guide to the Financial Disputes Arbitrator (ACF)


Reporting on claims handling activities

The report on claims received, relating to banking and financial services, and any of our corrective measures is provided below:

> Claims Report 2023 [IT]



Deposits with CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) Italy Branch are subject to the protection of the Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg ("FGDL"). The FGDL guarantees deposits up to an amount of Euro 100,000 per depositor. In certain cases, in particular where deposits arising from real estate transactions relating to residential property or are linked to particular events in the life of the depositor, the protection offered by the FGDL may reach an amount of up to EUR 2,500,000 for the twelve months following the crediting of the amount to the account. Further information are available on the FGDL website:
Moreover, the Bank, through the Headquarter, is member of the Système d'indemnisation des investisseurs Luxembourg ("SIIL") which, within the limits and under the conditions laid down by law, protects all investment transactions by the same investor, irrespective of the number of accounts, currency and location in the European Union, up to an amount of EUR 20,000.

> Summary form