Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Indosuez Wealth Management strives to respect and protect the privacy of its Users.
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The User is informed that, when visiting the Website, information may be stored in the memory or on the hard drive of their computer in order to facilitate website navigation.
The User acknowledges that they have been informed of this practice and authorises Indosuez Wealth Management to do so.

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Cookies are small text files placed and stored on the User's computer, smartphone or any other device when they visit a Website. The term Cookies also includes tracking scripts and pixels. They enable websites to recognise a User and note the pages they visit and their preferences so as to generally improve their browsing experience and security and adapt the content displayed to their interests.
A unique ID is placed in the Cookie to link the User's computer to the information that has been stored.



  • Technical Cookies:

Two types of Cookies are related to the operation of the content management system that uses software programmes to design, manage and update websites and mobile applications.
These Cookies are required for the operation of the Website. They enable the distinction and separation of local and global pages and allow the management of User consent.


  • Visitor measurement cookies:

To improve the User's experience on its Website, Indosuez Wealth Management uses cookie technology to measure the Website's visitor levels. The data collected is used solely to obtain anonymous statistics concerning visits to the Website (number of pages viewed, number of visits, number of return visits, etc.). These Cookies allow a better understanding of the interests of the User, notably via their browsing paths. Cookies are never used to track a User when they browse a different website. The visitor measurement data are stored within the European Union and are non-nominative. They are not transmitted to AT Internet (provider of analytics solutions). 


  • Social media Cookies:

Four YouTube connection Cookies are used to incorporate photos or videos on the Website and to calibrate bandwidth. If the user rejects the cookie, YouTube videos are not viewable and an error message will appear instead of the video.


  • Google reCAPTCHA solution cookies

By analysing the behaviour of the website’s users and their ability to recognise images and sounds or to carry out complex tasks, the Google reCAPTCHA solution makes it possible to distinguish between natural persons (Internet users) and robots (bots). This technology aims to strengthen the protection of the website’s contact forms submissions from automated messages (spam or phishing) sent by robots. If the user refuses the cookie necessary for the functionning of the reCAPTCHA service, the website's contact form will not be usable and a message will invite the user to accept the cookie if he/she so wishes in order to use the form.



The following data are collected through the use of Cookies:

  • IP address
  • Type of device being used
  • Operating system
  • Date and time of connection

The IP address is personal information which may be used to identify the specific point of connection, for instance when one or more people are connecting from an individual home.



Cookies are used to improve the User's browsing experience on the Website. The User may not wish to have Cookies stored on their hard drive, but they will still have access to the Website or service in accordance with the prevailing regulations.